BIO Organics - healthy and delicious

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Quality from nature

Della Natura Bio Organics are in harmony with nature.
They contain no residues from pesticides, fertilisers, synthetic chemical substances nor any artificial colourings or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This guarantees you a natural, healthy diet and maintains your wellbeing by bringing all of nature's goodness to your table.
Bio Fitness Snacks
are ready to eat, easily digestible and healthy, taste substantial and fresh. Eat them, enjoy good health!

Bio Organic Chestnuts

Bio Organic Fruit Mix Organic Chestnuts are from a supervised ecological cultivation, handpicked and contains no preservatives or other chemicals. The Chestnuts are ready to eat, tasting substantial and creamy as a snack with cheese and wine. Like other nuts they contain high quality vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fibre, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E. Suitability for side dishes, warmed-up for spiced meat dishes, perfect to refine cakes, cookies and desserts.

Bio Soft Tomatoes

Bio Organic Soft Tomatoes Naturally dried Italian Bio Soft Tomatoes are seasoned with sea salt. The unique flavour unfolds as soon as the bag is opened. Bio Soft Tomatoes contain lots of vitamin A and C.

They are very rich on minerals, which makes them especially valuable. Delicious in pasta or salads, perfect for Mediterranean dishes.
Enjoy the Italian way of eating.

Bio Soft Apricots

Bio Organic Soft ApricotsDried, pitted and sulphur-free Bio Soft Apricots undergo a special process, which ensures that, after drying, the full flavour and sweet-juicy aroma of the fruit are maintained - something that is already evident when opening the package.
They are an important part of a nutritious breakfast, as a snack and a great energy boost during sports activities. Awarded with "Very good" of the 100 best organic foods (Magazine Öko-Test)

Bio Soft Prunes

Bio Organic Soft PrunesBio Soft Prunes are a nutritious source of energy, rich in fibre and sodium free. Prunes are especially healthful because they contain bioactive substances such as flavonoids, which provide protection from infections.
Dried prunes are an excellent in-between snack. They are also used in yogurt, granola, cream cheese, soups and can be used for filling the roast goose.

Bio Soft Figs

Bio Organic Soft Figs The Bio Soft Figs are dried through a delicate process and offer a unique aroma.
Organic Figs are a healthy and nutritious snack and one of the most recommended foods for people who need an immediate energy boost. Of all dried fruits, they are the richest in calcium, which strengthens bones and helps prevent muscle cramps.

Bio Soft Dates

Bio Organic Fruit MixDella Natura soft Organic Dates are ripened under the warm Southern sun and gently dried after harvesting. The sweet and pleasant taste of Della Natura soft organic dates make them the ideal snack and a deliciously fruity ingredient in muesli, as well as being the perfect addition for a nutrition-conscious diet.